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If you've ever needed to convert standard BNC signals to HDMI, then this is the solution. The BNC-HDMI-1 takes in BNC type devices, such as security cameras and outputs to HDMI displays with support up to 1080p. Built-in technology allows the converter to display images more efficiently without noise or distortion. A scaler is also included to scale video up to 1080p, providing better image quality than standard display outputs.


Note: This converter will not convert HD-TVI, CVI, or AHD signals since those are not in NTSC.



  • Input from BNC connection
  • Motion optimization displays high speed motion graphics seamlessly and with clarity
  • Color optimization improves colors display to display images with more clarity
  • Digital noise reduction sharpens details in graphics for clearer images
  • Automatic scaler scales standard 480p BNC signals to HD 1080p signals
  • Detects and switches between PAL / NTSC automatically
  • Outputs to HDMI monitor or capture card via HDMI jack
  • HDMI signal is HDCP compliant
  • Supported Screen Ratios: 4:3 and 16:9
  • High Definition output: 720p / 1080p
  • 5V 1A power supply included

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