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1 in 4 out Ahd/Tvi/Cvi/Analog Video Multiplexer CCTV Transmitter and Receiver

HD 4-in-1 AHD/TVI/CVI/analog video multiplexer bound the 4 channel video signal of the camera in one coaxial cables transmission. The video multiplexer is composed of a transmitter and a receiver. From the receiver to the transmitter, it transmits 4channel video signals through one coaxial cable to long distance. Besides, as you don’t need to install extra cable for data signals, you can save your money and time. It is suitable for improvement of old projects and building under new projects. Its can be in adaptive adjust transmission distance within 0-100meters.


* 4 Channel HD video signal for cameras over one coaxial cable;

* Designed according to projects with minimum installation volume requirement;

* Long distance transmission up to 100meters;

* Frequency division multiplexing, with all video and data transmission real-time and all images high-definition and non-delay;

* Non-debug, adaptive: as long as the transmission distance range, the device will automatically adjust their targets;

* One coaxial cable, no extra cable, which save infrastructure cost,(cost saving 25~30%);

* Maintaining high quality video & anti-interference immunity;

* Easy installation with BNC harness;

* Perfect support coaxial video line RG59 cable, etc.

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