CCTV Accessories

PVT Camera AHD/CVI/TVI Video Power Transmitter Set / cctv camera Transceivers

This product can achieve all the way coaxial HD video signal + power in the same coaxial cable transmission, the output current up to 1200mA. Transmission distance can reach about 400 meters.

Main Feature:

1.Compatible with HD-AHD / CVI / TVI and analog video signal four signal standards.
2.The use of advanced digital compression processing technology.
3.Wide voltage input, multi-stage power supply filter (DC: 24V-36V input)

Main functions and applications:

1.AHD / CVI / TVI anti-interference:
The product can completely solve the construction of the front-end camera power supply for the clutter, coaxial cable and interference sources caused by a variety of interference problems.
2.Video + power reuse function:
To solve the project because the front-end camera is not the power supply problem.

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